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I specialize in coaching corporations, teams, and individuals on how to observe, understand, and change interaction and behavior patterns, and to quickly begin to operate more truthfully and effectively. My work focuses on action and in-the-moment experiential learning, not theory. I am able to teach you to positively change ineffective or abrasive communication and behavior into effective, powerful communication and behavior. My clients learn to be aware of and to shape the impact of their behavior and actions on the people around them quickly, directly, and powerfully.

"He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king."

~ John Milton (1608-1674) English Poet

Because each company's or individual's situation is unique, I use no "formula" or pre-designed programs with my clients. My entire focus and working method is to bring awareness to, teach, and empower my clients to create and successfully implement their own new behavior patterns and procedures. Rather than trying to change people, I teach them how to be more effective versions of who they already are.  

I believe that one reliable measure of my success with my clients is how quickly my clients become so good at their new effective behaviors that I have, in effect, made myself obsolete. The results of my work are easily measured. Either the company, team or individual becomes noticeably more effective in action, or specific personal, structural or personnel changes emerge which will remedy the issue.
Executive or Life Coaching


Management Training & Development

  Individual or small group coaching processes, addressing all forms of professional and/or personal goals, personality, behavior, self-awareness and self-definition, and leadership and management skills training. Strong focus on effective strategic thinking, speaking, and action. I have an exceptionally high success rate with the individualized executive and personal coaching processes.

"Cleaning up bad blood;"  resolving conflicts (including personality); building and optimizing team cohesiveness, goal setting and/or mission statement and/or vision definition and action planning.   Team Building


Team Repair

Team Audits   Who's actually doing what; how your team actually functions (regardless of what your organizational chart says); delineating and cleaning up interaction patterns within the team. 

Custom-designed individual training and/or group workshops on effective speaking, interacting, and negotiating actions.   Effective Communications & Action Skills
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